Teardrop Trailers

Yesterday afternoon Eric and I came across several DIY teardrop trailers and now I’m hooked.  They are tiny trailers built for two that can be towed using any vehicle.

Teardrop trailers gained popularity in North-America during the 1930s. After the Great Depression and World War Two, the economy recovered, soldiers were home and people were looking to go on vacation with their families. This coincided with the development of America’s highway and road systems which made travel by car easier than it ever had been in the past.

Teardrop trailers were appealing during this period for the same reasons they are today. They are economical and they don’t require can be towed by any vehicle. If you had a family car, you could tow a teardrop.  Tear drop trailers were also popular with old school DIYers who found plans to build their own trailers in publications like Popular Mechanics.

Looking at vintage teardrop trailers you will notice that they often have a certain regimental or utilitarian aesthetic.  This related to the leftover, salvaged and surplus materials from the war that were often used to build these campers.

As the 1950s passed by, the popularity of teardrop campers began to dwindle. By this time, people were looking for campers that were bigger, more modern and sophisticated.

If you are fascinated by the smart and minimalist design of the teardrop camper and are interested in making your own Want to make your own, check out these plans for a Teardrop Trailer from Make.

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  1. yaniv says

    today alot of people returning or looking for the retro this tiniwini beautiful teardrop naby can return
    beautiful picture

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