New Knobs

I got a gift card from Anthopologie for Christmas and I decided to buy new knobs for my old school 1960s desk.  I absolutely love them.  One small problem.  I got them and I think they might be too big.  The circumference of each knob is fine but I think they might stick out too far from the desk.  I may return them but I will wait till the desk is refinished before I make any decisions.

At any rate you must agree that the knobs are very pretty.  If they don’t work on the desk maybe we can find a way to use them for something else.  Any ideas what I could do with 4 big beautiful knobs?

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  1. says

    If they don’t work on the desk, are they big enough to be screwed into a nice piece of drift wood and become a simple coat rack? Good luck with the desk!

  2. BMN says

    Love those knobs Kristen. Looking forward to seeing the desk posted when it’s done. It’ll be really cute. You are a very creative and crafty person.

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