I’m Pregnant!

I am happy to announce that Eric and I are having a baby! The baby is due mid May and we are both really excited!


Before I realized, I was pregnant, I noticed the major fatigue. After returning from Hawaii, I couldn’t shake the jet lag and I was tired all the time. A few weeks after returning from Hawaii, I started a new job and the extreme exhaustion continued. At the time, I thought it was simply the stress of starting a new a job.

I found out I was pregnant on a Saturday morning. Most Saturday mornings, I wake up before Eric and walk down the street to pick up croissants from our local bakery along with a latte (for him) an earl grey tea (for me). We had plans to go out for drinks with friends that night, and while walking to the bakery, it crossed my mind that I was late. With this in mind, I made an extra stop at the local pharmacy to pick up a pregnancy test. After a leisurely breakfast, I slipped into the bathroom for a shower and I took the pregnancy test. I thought it was going to be negative. I was wrong. It was positive! Eric and I were surprised! Is it weird/gross that the positive test is sitting in my night stand? For some reason, I don’t want to throw it away!


The thing that surprised me most about the first three months of pregnancy was how awful and sick I felt. I’m not sure why this was a surprise. Several of my close friends have kids and over the past few years, I have watched them endure morning sickness, fatigue and everything that comes along with a new pregnancy.  Despite all the warnings from these fabulous women, I was shocked at how hard the first 12 weeks felt.

I had the 12 week ultrasounds and everything looks great! I’ve included the ultrasound photo. Like all 12 week ultrasound photos, our baby just sort of looks like a blob! Both the baby and I are healthy so far. I am finally starting to feel like myself again, and I am looking forward to getting back into my normal routine. I think Eric is looking forward to getting out of the house. We’ve spent a lot of time cooped up at home. Bring on the second trimester!

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  1. Florence says

    Terrific news, Kristen and Eric! Congratulations! Hope the second trimester is a little easier for you Kristen.

    Love, Florence and don.

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