Hemnes Transformation

When EBN and I were college students everything in our apartment came from IKEA.  Today we continue to affectionately refer to all this furniture by name. You may be familiar with our friends Gorm, Malm, Pax and Hemnes.

Hemnes: Before


Now that we are in our new home I am trying to incorporate my own personal style but there is no way I am going throw Gorm, Malm, Pax or Hemnes…they are like part of the family.  This means finding creative ways to spruce up older mass-produced furniture.

To transform this red Hemnes dresser into something new I picked a neutral paint colour and covered the three drawers in bold and colourful wallpaper.

Hemnes: After

Hemnes: After

I am very happy with the result and am thinking about finishing my night stands in a similar way!  I am now looking for vintage crystal knobs to finish the piece of furniture off.  What do you think of these ones from Anthropologie? I think they would finish this project off very nicely!

Anthropologie Hardware

More Anthropologie Hardware

More Anthropologie Hardware

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  1. Kristen says

    Hey Alli, thanks for the compliment! I should note that the colours of the dresser are closer to the colours of the knobs in real-life! Kristen

  2. Cindy says

    I love the way this looks. I have the Hemnes dresser and was thinking about painting it or adding something. Could you share how you did this exactly? I am scared to try because the current finish is so glossy. I love the jewel knobs! Thanks.

  3. says

    Hey Cindy:

    Thanks for stoping by and leaving a comment. My Hemnes dresser has not the shiny kind. I bought a bright red one made of wood so I did not have to worry about painting on the high gloss surface. I did a bit of research and I believe there are a couple primers that would work and allow you to paint your dresser. Here is a link that I think will help:


    Good luck with the painting and let me know how it turns out!


  4. ky says


    Your dresser looks great!. I’m just about to do the same thing, painting my hemnes white, just wondering if you can share any tips? Did you use a roller, brush or paint gun?


  5. says

    Hi Ky: Thanks for the compliment! I am getting ready to re-do my dresser and promise a post on this topic. My advice is to prime before you paint, it helps the paint stick!


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