DIY Paper Pompoms

Last week I found a DIY from Martha Stewart with on making oversized paper pompoms. Martha sells kits to make these pompoms.  I am telling you, these are so easy that you don’t need a kit.  Being too cheap to buy the kit, I made these pompoms on my own for a brunch I hosted last Sunday.

Below you will find instructions that are a bit more detailed than Martha’s.  DO nto buy the kit, you can probably make these with stuff you have lying around the house.

Step One: Stack 12 pieces of tissue paper overtop of one another.  I alternated using three separate shades of blue.  Once the sheets are in place, fold the stack like a fan or accordeon.

Step Two: Cut a piece of yarn and tie it around the center of your folded tissue.  I used yarn because I had it around the house.  Other people have used wire or pipe cleaners for this step. You will end up with a massive tissue bow.

Step Three: Take your scissors and cut the tissue paper edges round. Repeat on both ends of the paper.

 Step Four:  Starting at the center, unfold the tissue sheets apart one piece at a time.

Keep going….

and going…

Stop when you are six sheets in (or half way), flip the pompom over and start opening the paper from the bottom side.

Keep opening the sheets till you have a tissue ball!  Just a quick note: Make sure you hang these ASAP.  If you leave the pompom sitting for too long the weight of the tissue paper will crush the pompom.

There you have it!  Oversized paper pompoms!!  I love how they look with my Feist poster and chalk wall.

What do you think?  Can I get away with leaving them up until we get a proper light over our dining room table?


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  1. says

    They look great! One question – how did you hang them up? I just made similar poms poms of my own (using chinese lanterns and fabric) and I think I’m going to have to put screw some hooks into my ceiling to keep them up. :( Any advice is greatly appreciated!
    Yenny´s last blog post ..DIY Toilet Paper Tube Art

  2. says

    Hey Yenny, At the moment they are hung up using painter’s tape. I was thinking about trying a tac. If that doesn’t work, We might put small hooks up. If you come up with a better solution please let me know!

  3. anonymous says

    Yes! You should leave them up! I love how it brightens the room against the white wall and the white chairs.
    And Yenny, I have lanterns that I hung in my room. I used ribbon and then a thumbtack and put the tack in through a knot that I made. It doesn’t leave a big whole, but if your paranoid you can put plaster over it when your done and you can’t even tell.

  4. says

    You should absolutely leave these up. :) I think they look great. I love them with the Feist poster too.

    Thanks for the tutorial btw. I could not understand what was going on from the Martha one. I’m hosting a bday party for myself next weekend and am thinking about making these. They sell them pre-made at a local party supply store at $7 for three of them….but I think I could make them cheaper. Even considering the time. Where did you get your tissue paper?
    Cassandra´s last blog post ..In The Works…

  5. says

    You could easily make them cheaper and they are really quick! I had the tissue paper lying around the house… I think the paper came from staples or Michael’s. It was just a big bag that you would buy for wrapping gifts. If you make the pompoms post them on your blog… I’d love to see the pictures!

  6. Amy says

    Love these! Thank you for taking the time to explain in detail how to make them! My daughter is getting married and liked the pom-pom idea for decorating their outdoor venue. But like you and other’s have mentioned, they are expensive to buy. I’m going to try it thanks to you!


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