DIY Grid Painting

If you frequent Big Box Detox you will know that I am always looking for affordable art options.  When I found this super thin painter’s tape in our basement (left by the previous owner) I thought it would be perfect for a DIY art project and the grid painting was born!

To complete this project here is what you need…

To start, tape off your blank canvas in a grid.

Next step: tape the other directions

Once your canvas is taped up it is time to paint!  Paint your squares and remove the tape.

Before you know it you have easy and affordable art for your walls!

So happy with how it turned out! Still deciding on where to put it in my house!

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  1. haydec says

    Hi there. I love this grid idea and most especially the colors. I really like the livingroom wall color in the background. would you be willing to send me the name of that color and the brand of paint. I would love to paint one of my walls that color, it is so happy looking. thanks

  2. says

    Really like the simplicity of this. Might try it on a flat canvas and add it to a frame. Could also be a fun way to revamp the fronts of the drawers on my old desk. So much inspiration, thank you!


  1. […] I made some funky grid art for my bathroom! It was super easy and cheap. I picked up a few blank canvases, very thin painters tape and my own choice of acrylic paint colors to match (I went with purple, green, grey and black). I used sponge brushes to apply the paint. I got this neat idea from: […]

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